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Dress Requirements
All students must dress neatly for classes in proper attire as per list below.
Look the part, feel the part, be a great dancer / actor.
Dress for success.

Ballet – Female – black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers
              Male  - white t-shirt, black tights, white socks, white ballet slippers
Jazz – Female – leotard, tights, black  jazz shoes
           Male – T-shirt, sweat pants, socks, black jazz shoes
Hip Hop – Female – leotard ,tights,black dance sneakers
                  Male – T-shirt, sweat pants, socks,black dance sneakers
Tap – Female – leotard,nude tights,black tap shoes
          Male - T-shirt, sweat pants, socks, black tap shoes
Little Princess Ballet - black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers
Ballet/Tap Combination -  Female – leotard,tights, tap shoes, pink ballet slippers
                   Male - T-shirt, sweat pants, socks, tap shoes, white ballet slippers
Tap/Jazz Combination - Female – leotard, tights, jazz shoes, black tap shoes
           Male – T-shirt, sweat pants, socks, jazz shoes, black tap shoes
Pointe - black leotard, pink tights, pink pointe shoes
Acting Musical Theater - – T-shirt, sweat pants, socks, black jazz shoes
Adult Classes - can wear leotard and tights or t-shirt and yoga pants and shoes befitting course of study

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To avoid confusion for families that are new to The Ballet Center and as a reminder for everyone else, general ballet etiquette is outlined below. This will allow for safe, enjoyable dancing for all.

1 All students are expected to attend classes regularly and on time.

2 Please do not speak to the teacher about your child between classes. Please Call or email us. Nobody appreciates classes that start and finish late, or are cut short.

3 Please do not disturb a class once it has started. If you are late please wait for a convenient break in the music before entering Please try your best to attend classes on time..

4 Students must be picked up straight after the lesson has finished unless otherwise arranged, supervision of children is not possible. Please call the The Ballet Center if you are delayed for any reason. Payment of $5 per each 15 minutes late will be billed.                                                                                                                                                

5 Absolutely no gum is allowed in the class.

6 For the safety of the students please remove all jewellery and watches.

7 The correct uniform must be worn at all times.

8 To encourage correct technique female ballet students from level 1 need to wear their hair in a bun. All other students including modern, tap and jazz must have their hair pulled back from face, preferably in a ponytail.

9 Leave all valuables and money at home. We cannot be responsible for lost items.

10 Accidents do happen. Please do not allow children to run around in The Ballet Center before classes commence. Younger students are not to enter a studio unless a teacher is present.

11 On no account must any form of dance shoe be worn outside. They should be put on and removed on The Ballet Center premises.

We expect all parents and students to fully co-operate with the above rules. Thank you in advance.