Class Times for the Home School Child

Preschool Ballet
(3- 5 years old)
This is a fun preparation for the study of classical ballet. Exercises, basic ballet technique, movement, choreographed dance routines set to music, and the make believe storybook land of ballet. All are offered in a nurturing atmosphere. 50 minutes once a week.
         Thurs. 2:30pm 

Ballet I
(5 – 7 years old)
This class is a basic introduction to classical ballet for children. It includes preparatory exercises to develop coordination, while kindling the imagination of the child, ballet barre and basic ballet steps. It opens the wonderful world of classical ballet and classical music to your child. 55 minute class once a week.
             Thursday 2:30pm        
Ballet II
(6 – 9 year olds)
This class is a complete classical ballet class, including barre, center technique, adagio and turns. Classical musical music is used throughout the class so students can develop a love of classical ballet and music that will last a lifetime. 55 minute class once a week.
          Thursday 3:30pm
Ballet III
(7 – 11 year olds)
This is a complete classical ballet class, presenting more controlled techniques related to turns, adagio, body directions, and allegro movements.  55 minute class.
    Thursday 3:30pm          
Ballet IV
(9 – 13 year olds)
Students receive a complete classical ballet class with more advanced ballet technique.  Class includes – barre, adagio, turns, allegro, body directions, port de bras and reverence.  55 minute class – should be taken 2 or 3 times per week.
    Thursday 4:30pm 
Ballet V
(12 years old – Adult)
This complete professional level classical ballet class is for professional dancers, dance teachers and serious ballet students.  Permission from Artistic Director, Debra Punzi, is required to attend this class. BALLET LONG ISLAND company members attend this class. 
  Thursday 5:30pm     
     Tuition - $48 per month
Registration Fee - $25.


Register for classes call 631-737-1964