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Adult Classes

Adult Classical Ballet
This class is for students with little or no dance training or for those students who are returning to ballet after any number of years. It is a complete introduction to ballet technique. It is also good for body toning and getting in shape. Level II is for students with ballet experience. 55 minute class

Level I – Monday 7:30pm  Wednesday 7:30pm    Thursday 8:30pm

Level II  -Monday 8:30pm  Thursday 7:30pm    

Level III - Tuesday 7:00pm 

Advanced Classical ballet
This complete professional level classical ballet class is for professional dancers, dance teachers and serious ballet students.  Permission from Artistic Director, Debra Punzi, is required to attend this class. BALLET LONG ISLAND company members attend this class. Classes work on advanced barre work, center exercises and movement combinations. Students will learn technique and placement, while emphasizing musicality. Teachers will also focus on professionalism and discipline. We highly recommend students at this level take class three times a week for optimal growth

Monday 5:00pm   Tuesday 6:30pm  Wednesday 10:00am  Wednesday 7:00pm  Thursday 5:30pm 
  Saturday 10:30am

(dancing on the toes)
This class is offered only to students who are technically and physically capable of dancing on pointe. Permission is required from Artistic Director, Debra Punzi, to attend this class. Pointe must be taken in addition to regular ballet class. This is a 30 minute class.

Beginner level  -  Tuesday 8:30pm   Tuesday 9:00pm    Thurs 9:00pm

Experienced level - Wednesday 6:30pm  Thursday 7:00pm  Saturday 10:00am

An American theatrical dance that consists of rhythmic patterns. Tap classes include preparatory exercises, barre,center technique, across the floor progressions and choreographed routines.
Beginner Level - Thurs 7:30pm
        Advanced Level – Monday 6:30pm

Jazz / Theater Dance
These classes include isolations, barre, center exercises, progressions, improvisations, dance combinations and specia l choreographed dance routines that encompass the many styles of jazz dance from Broadway to TV.
Beginner Level - Thurs 8:30pm
        Advanced Level (55 minute class) -  Monday 7:30pm

Tuition - $20 per class  or $58 per month  or $400. per year plus $25 Registration fee if paid by 9/30/15


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