Jazz dance is a popular form of dance particularly with teenagers but we also offer classes for children and adults.It originated in vaudeville and became identified with dance set to jazz music. Jazz dance evolved into a smooth style performed on Broadway and popularized by Bob Fosse. It is generally regarded that the basis for good jazz technique is ballet, which builds the strength and coordination required. We offer beginning teen jazz classes as well as advanced classes. Of course, all students studying jazz are encouraged to take ballet classes though it is not required. Note that all music and costumes for the Winter Arts Festival and the Annual Recital are age appropriate.
These classes include isolations, barre, center exercises, progressions, improvisations, dance combinations and special choreographed dance routines that encompass the many styles of jazz dance from Broadway to TV.

Child Beginner - Saturday 11:00am
Intermediate Level (55minute class) - Mon 6:30pm     Sat 12noon 

Advanced Level (55 minute class) -  Monday 7:30pm   Thurs 5:30pm
Adult & Teen Beginner Level – Mon 8:30pm