Ballet Classes

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 Students will learn technique and placement, while emphasizing musicality.

Teachers will also focus on professionalism and discipline

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Ballet I

(5 – 7 years old)
This class is a basic introduction to classical ballet for children. It includes preparatory exercises to develop coordination, while kindling the imagination of the child, ballet barre and basic ballet steps. Emphasis in this class will be placed on learning basic positions of the feet, head and arms (port de bras).  Students will spend a majority of the class learning at the barre.  In the center, students will learn the concepts of body position, croise and efface.  Level I is for students who are true beginners or who are very young.  Attention is placed on learning the fundamentals of ballet training.   It opens the wonderful world of classical ballet and classical music to your child. 55 minute class once a week.
Tuesday 4:30pm             Thursday 2:30pm        Saturday 9:00am

Ballet II
(6 – 9 year olds)
This level is designed for students who successfully demonstrate a mastery of concepts taught in Level I.  Students in Level II are invited to continue strengthening basics by attending Level I classes in addition to Level II classes.  Instruction in this level will build upon basics of position and will emphasis poses of the body, work in center and in releve, as well as simple adage, jumps and turns. 
This class is a complete classical ballet class, including barre, center technique, adagio and turns. Classical musical music is used throughout the class so students can develop a love of classical ballet and music that will last a lifetime. 55 minute class once a week.
Monday 4:30pm          Thursday 3:30pm

Ballet III
(7 – 11 year olds)Upon successful mastery of Level II principles, students will expand upon their repertoire of movements.  Increased work in the center and mastery of balance will be stressed.   Level I and Level II classes are open to Level IStudents will work towards a mastery of more complicated jumps and turns.  Artistry of movement will be emphasized.  Introduction to the Classical Repertoire will begin at this level during Variations classII students
This is a complete classical ballet class, presenting more controlled techniques related to turns, adagio, body directions, and allegro movements.  55 minute class.
Monday 5:30pm         Thursday 3:30pm          Saturday 10:00am

Ballet IV
(9– 13 year olds)

Students receive a complete classical ballet class with more advanced ballet technique.  Class includes – barre, adagio, turns, allegro, body directions, port de bras and reverance.  55 minute class – should be taken 2 or 3 times per week.
Tuesday 5:30pm            Thursday 4:30pm         Saturday 11:00am

Ballet V
(12 years old – Adult)
This complete professional level classical ballet class is for professional dancers, dance teachers and serious ballet students.  Permission from Artistic Director, Debra Punzi, is required to attend this class. BALLET LONG ISLAND company members attend this class. Classes work on advanced barre work, center exercises and movement combinations
. Students will learn technique and proper placement while emphasizing musicality. Teachers will also focus on professionalism and discipline. We highly recommend students at this level attend class three or more times per week for optimal growth and development. 

  1 hour 25 minute class.
Monday 5:00pm   Tuesday 6:30pm       Wed 10:00am
 Wed 7:00pm      Thurs 5:30pm    Saturday 10:30am

Pointe (dancing on the toes)
This class is offered only to students who are technically and physically capable of dancing on pointe. Permission is required from Artistic Director, Debra Punzi, to attend this class. Pointe must be taken in addition to regular ballet class. This is a 30 minute class.    Tuesday 8:30pm    Tuesday 9:00pm    Wednesday 6:30pm
Thursday 7:00pm     Thursday 9:00pm    Saturday 10:00am
Adult and Teen Ballet
Level I  - Monday 7:30pm   Wednesday 7:30pm
Level II – Thursday 7:30pm 
Level III – Tuesday 7:00pm

Tuition - $20 per class   or  $58 per month 


The Ballet Center
1863 Pond Road
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779