Make-up Classes
Make-up classes are allowed within the same school year and cannot be carried over to summer or following year. 
 A student may make up a class by attending any lower or equal level class.  Please see the class schedule.
There are no make-up classes during parent observation weeks. In the event of inclement weather or an emergency, classes may be canceled and rescheduled at the discretion of The Ballet Center.  

Waiting Room
Parents and siblings are welcome to sit in the waiting room during class.
Remember to always be quiet while class is in progress.  Dance students are learning!
Food and drink are allowed in the waiting room, but must be disposed of in the trash cans.  No food on the dance floor.
Please place bags, coats, strollers, etc. out of walkway by main entrance.
The Ballet Center/ Ballet Long Island is not responsible for anything lost or stolen.   
Parents and siblings should not stand in the doorway or main entrance walkway.
Parents and siblings are not allowed in the studio area unless approved by the teacher.  

NO REFUNDS , EXCHANGES or CREDIT FOR CLASSES, TICKETS , DANCEWEAR, or any type of payment made to The Ballet Center/ Ballet Long Island